Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group (REPG)

About REPG

Formed in 2006, the Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group (REPG) brings together foundations committed to improving their ability to comprehensively promote racial equity and inclusion in their policies, practices, systems and operations. By convening representatives of foundations to exchange ideas, lessons, policies, and practices on racial equity and various aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), REPG provides an opportunity for member foundations to improve their own approaches through peer learning. In these facilitated discussions, participants in REPG have been able to receive guidance and feedback from peers on their institutional policies and practices in order to enable concrete and practical changes in foundation practice. The intent of the forum that REPG has created has been to design a space for mutual learning that actually leads to institutional change. As peer learning remains an essential way in which foundations listen and adopt new approaches, REPG harnesses its potential as a transformative tool.

REPG believes that, in the midst of increased conversation about racial equity and DEI in philanthropy, it is important to demonstrate specific examples of how foundations are actually demonstrating their commitment to these issues in policies and practices. By continually participating in REPG, core member foundations are committing to becoming better examples of racially equitable, diverse, and inclusive institutions. Stories of these institutional advances help ground theoretical conversations in practice. Therefore, REPG intentionally identifies ways to showcase the policies and practices of member foundations as a means of educating other foundations beyond the group. In this respect, REPG simultaneously provides a forum to strengthen the policies and practices of core members and advance the philanthropic field.

A Brief History

REPG began as a result of a study conducted by Marga Inc. of how various foundations were addressing racial equity and issues of DEI. The study was commissioned by the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) in 2002. Thirty foundations from across the United States were interviewed for the study to understand how they were implementing policies and practices on racial equity and DEI. During these interviews, many foundation representatives expressed their interest in learning from the policies and practices of peer institutions. In response, AECF and Marga Inc. organized focus groups on the East and West Coast. During these focus groups, participants expressed a desire for a permanent table for periodic learning exchange among foundation representatives. As a result, REPG was formed.

REPG Members

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Become a REPG Member

Any foundation hoping to increase responsiveness to communities of color and other historically underserved and disenfranchised populations, reflect a commitment to racial equity and inclusion in its policies and practices, improve internal communication around race, or diversify its own internal demographics and those of external partners could find value in REPG.

The core group of REPG members meets twice a year in different parts of the country or virtually and is hosted by a member foundation. REPG is a dues-paying membership group and members contribute varying amounts based on their ability to pay. Foundations who are interested in exploring REPG are welcome to attend as a guest and fully participate in the peer learning exchange prior to deciding to join. For more information about REPG, including inquiring about how to attend a meeting as a guest, please contact Marga Founder and President, David Maurrasse at dmaurrasse@margainc.com.