Marga’s experience in advising anchor institution partnerships increased our understanding of what it  takes to forge and sustain effective collaborative initiatives.  These emerging lessons informed the development of Marga’s method, which identifies the central considerations of an outside advisor in being helpful to partnerships.  These lessons informed Marga’s role as a partnership catalyst an outside party responsible for guiding the development of multi-stakeholder partnerships. The idea that customized advice to such partnerships can bring value is far more commonplace now than when we honed the idea some years ago.

The essence of Marga’s role as a supportive partner to the field advancing the civic potential of anchor institutions is expressed in our coordination of the Anchor Institutions Task Force.  Chaired by the University of Pennsylvania, this partnership of institutional leaders and advocates has forged a national voice backed by a critical mass of influential stakeholders who have traditionally promoted mutually beneficial partnerships between anchor institutions and their surrounding communities.

Real Partnerships Report


Race & Equity in Philanthropy Group

A philanthropic network promoting racial equity and all forms of inclusion in foundation policy and practices.


Anchor Institutions Task Force

An action oriented learning community, promoting the engagement of anchor institutions in community and economic development.