We have been developing and continually refining our methodology. Through this method, Marga plays the role of a partnership catalyst, providing a combination of consulting and research leading to partnerships that are sustained and continually producing results. The process is applicable to partnerships at the local level across all sectors of society such as business, government, nonprofits, the arts, higher education, philanthropy, health care and any other major industry. It is also applicable for partnerships within sectors and across national boundaries.

Marga’s methodology is guided by the mutual interests that can be served through partnerships. In this approach, Marga helps partner institutions get beyond conflicts of interest to unearth shared goals and pursue common paths leading to measurable results. In providing the most valuable possible insights to clients, Marga takes the approach of a learning organization by continually writing and thinking about the nature of partnerships. In perpetually capturing lessons learned in the past and researching promising new practices, Marga can share its best thinking with clients and is able to make adjustments to the approach when necessary. Marga combines this knowledge development with the practical work of facilitation, strategic planning, and mediation that is required to maintain partnerships.


Race & Equity in Philanthropy Group

A philanthropic network promoting racial equity and all forms of inclusion in foundation policy and practices.


Anchor Institutions Task Force

An action oriented learning community, promoting the engagement of anchor institutions in community and economic development.