Job Opportunities – Consultant

Founded in 2000. Marga Incorporated ( is a New York City-based consulting firm, working nationally and internationally at times, which provides strategic advice and research to philanthropic initiatives and community partnerships.  Marga coordinates a couple of longstanding ongoing initiatives – The Anchor Institutions Task Force and the Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group.  Marga is also a learning partner to a few other ongoing initiatives.  The company’s work is grounded in the principles of strategic planning informed by qualitative and quantitative research.  Marga engages in numerous client projects with foundations, universities, associations, collaborative initiatives, and other agencies of all shapes and sizes representing various sectors.

Marga’s Consultants provide various forms of support to Marga Incorporated’s projects.  Consultants conduct research, prepare reports, participate on consulting teams for particular client projects, represent the company at select events, and coordinate select activities.

Consultants are beyond the entry level among program-oriented positions[1] at Marga Incorporated.

A successful Consultant demonstrates proficiency in completing the following activities:

  • Remain available to engage in research for select Marga Inc. projects (research could include developing questionnaires, conducting phone interviews, developing surveys, administering surveys, gathering and analyzing survey or interview results, developing literature reviews, developing case studies, and others)
  • Assist Marga’s President in developing publications (this could include drafting segments of publications, formatting manuscripts, organizing references, etc.)
  • Revise draft publications based on feedback from Marga’s President, other Marga staff, and/or clients
  • Investigate background on relevant initiatives and compose summary findings
  • Participate on consulting teams for select client projects
  • Contribute to developing high quality products for client projects and Marga’s initiatives
  • Coordinate particular tasks in Marga’s work
  • Represent Marga at select events or meetings
  • Consistently and effectively meet deadlines
  • Demonstrate outstanding writing skills


  • A completed advanced degree or progress toward an advanced degree, preferably in an area with substantive alignment with Marga Incorporated’s work
  • At least three years of experience in a field relevant to Marga’s work (i.e. philanthropy, community and economic development, strategic planning, etc.)
  • Effective writing and editing skills
  • Strong oral communications skills
  • Some background in conducting qualitative or quantitative research and developing research papers
  • Working knowledge of issues related to Marga’s work

Consultants are employees of Marga Incorporated.  Consultant positions are either Full-Time or Part-Time.  The salary range for Full-Time Consultants is $60,000 to $70,000 per year.  Half-Time Consultants receive a salary that is half of a Full-Time Consultant on the salary scale.  Therefore, the salary scale for a Half-Time Consultant is $30,000 to $35,000 per year.  Half-Time Consultants can transition to Full-Time (or any percentage of a Full-Time position) if it is mutually beneficial to the Half-Time Consultant and Marga Inc.  Full-Time Consultants can be eligible for health benefits after the completion of a probationary period.

Marga Incorporated operates virtually.  Therefore, all employees must possess a superior ability to work independently, and exhibit exceptional self-discipline in order to remain focused and achieve intended results.  One is not required to reside in or around New York City to work at Marga Incorporated.  However, one should be available for periodic meetings in New York.

To Apply:

To apply for any position at Marga Incorporated, please send a cover letter indicating one’s level of interest and suitability for the position, a writing sample, and a resume to Marga’s President at

[1] Program-oriented titles at Marga include (in the following order of hierarchy from entry level to senior positions): Research Assistant, Research Associate, Researcher, Senior Researcher, Consultant, Senior Consultant, Vice President, Senior Vice President, President.  Additionally, the execution of Marga’s client work is assisted by contractors.  Marga keeps a database of preferred contractors, who are sometimes called, Partner Consultants.  Marga also keeps a database of volunteers.