Civic Opportunities Initiative Network (COIN)

Civic Opportunity Initiative Network (COIN)

A network of young people, community based organizations (CBOs), institutions of higher education, and philanthropists dedicated to strengthening the education pipeline and promoting civic engagement. This is done through improving access to higher education, promoting civic engagement, strengthening community-based organizations and improving community resiliency. The hope is to create a new pipeline of well-educated local leaders to energize and sustain CBOs at the grassroots level through:
◦Enhanced learning, academic, and leadership capacity in individuals
◦The simultaneous identification and cultivation of young talent for self-development and community benefit


  • Empower young leaders to strengthen ties to their communities
  • Integrate democratic participation into education
  • Create opportunities for academic and leadership training for young leaders
  • Link youth to grassroots community participation
  • Call communities into service via student civic engagement

The need for a network like COIN is clear. It develops clear pathways to higher education for low income students of color, engaged learning, reduced brain drain for communities and strengthened CBOs that serve these communities.
Froms its start, COIN is the only longstanding major national foundation grant making portfolio dedicating to promoting the engagement of anchor institutions in their surrounding communities.


How it Works          COIN Conceptual Framework          COIN Curriculum Components 

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