Marga brings outside guidance to clients, enabling them to develop significant and lasting efforts that involve multiple stakeholders and intentionally employ new ways of navigating a complex array of circumstances within particular places and across borders. We provide the guidance, writing, strategic planning, facilitation, evaluation and research that enhance the effectiveness of these various approaches to addressing critical social concerns.  Our methodology is especially designed to enhance the quality and impact of strategic partnerships.  As a partnership catalyst, Marga has learned from experience and research what it takes to enhance the likelihood that collaborative pursuits, which bring stakeholders together from varied backgrounds around a common end, can most appropriately harness the wide range of resources different types of institutions can share in meeting some of today’s most pressing challenges.


Strategic Planning

Marga’s methodology is based on strategic planning, engaging a range of stakeholders around assets to build upon, obstacles to consider, opportunities to pursue, and threats to overcome.  We help initiatives craft appropriate missions and visions, identify competitive advantages, and develop realistic short and long term action plans.


Quantitative & Qualitative Research and Analysis

Whether initiatives are forming or seeking to improve, they require data to best inform increased effectiveness.  Marga is often called upon to provide research to strengthen client pursuits.  Marga is qualified to provide quantitative research, assessing existing data sets or developing new ones for regression or other forms of analysis.  Moreover, much of our work involves qualitative research, engaging in focus groups or interviews, developing case studies, and conducting content analyses.


Program Development

As many clients approach Marga seeking assistance with pursuing new ideas, we are often positioned to assist in creating new programs.  Marga’s strategic planning assistance aids the conception and design of new efforts.  Additionally, Marga assists in building new programs that move from planning to implementation.


Assessment and Evaluation

Marga conducts assessments and evaluations of all forms, both to develop new initiatives and to monitor the progress of existing efforts.  We develop theories of change, logic models, design metrics, conduct pre and post assessments, and engage in all aspects associated with creating indicators, guiding direction, and composing analysis, reflection, and recommendations.



Marga has developed numerous reports for clients.  In all of our substantive areas of work, we have published numerous books and articles based on Marga’s work.  Most research requested by our clients leads to some form of a report – some only for internal uses, and others for public consumption.  Our reports have been widely disseminated throughout philanthropic and various relevant fields.


Meeting Planning and Facilitation

Strategic planning requires meeting facilitation.  Overall, Marga’s work involves extensive meeting preparation, organizing travel, inviting participants, designing agendas, taking minutes, and beyond.  Marga has become known for facilitating learning exchanges that allow peers to simultaneously enhance knowledge and capacity.  We have facilitated large meetings that have formed innovative partnerships.



Speaking engagements can provide unique short term opportunities to bring in the ideas of informed outsiders to stimulate internal dialogue or bring credibility to a particular point of view.  Marga’s speaking engagements have spanned the globe, allowing for presentations on learning from our work.  These engagements help inviting parties expand their breadth of understanding of strategy, partnerships, or any other ideas central to Marga’s work.  These engagements often catalyze new ideas and even new formations.


Resource Development

Marga’s breadth of relationships has enabled numerous opportunities to broker mutually beneficial partnerships.  Over the years, Marga’s ties to private philanthropic endeavors and other public and private actors has enabled introductions that have led to millions of dollars in investments.  Marga has leveraged funding for numerous partnerships and other initiatives throughout the United States.

AITF Anchor Institutions Task Force

An action oriented learning community, promoting the engagement of anchor institutions in community and economic development.

REPG Race & Equity in Philanthropy Group

A philanthropic network promoting racial equity and all forms of inclusion in foundation policy and practices.

Philanthropic Innovations

A fundamental aspect of Marga Incorporated’s work has been to catalyze innovations in philanthropy.

Anchor Institution Community Partnerships

Marga Incorporated helps to launch, advise, sustain, and evaluate anchor partnerships.