Anchor Institution Community Partnerships

Newark Anchor Collaborative (NAC)

Marga Incorporated has been serving as a learning partner to the Newark Anchor Collaborative (NAC), an initiative of the Newark Alliance. NAC is a community of practice among local anchor institutions representing different fields and industries, working to expand and enhance community and economic development equitably and inclusively in Newark. Marga has helped NAC develop its’s programming and structure and has conducted focus groups and engaged in discussions to inform NAC’s strategic plan around racial equity.

Read the newly released case study titled Newark Anchor Collaborative: Promoting Racial Equity and Equitable Growth to learn more about NAC.

Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg

Marga Incorporated is working with the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg to explore the development of an anchor institution partnership that would significantly engage local anchor institutions in closing the racial equity gap and influence social indicators such as wealth, health, and life expectancy in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Local Strategic Dialogues

Through AITF Marga Incorporated has employed a local strategic dialogue approach to help anchor institutions across sectors clarify strategies to intervene on particular local issues of concern. For example, Marga worked with anchor institutions in San Diego to begin a dialogue on the availability of moderate-income housing.