Anchor Institutions Task Force (AITF) - Subgroups

AITF Subgroups

AITF has developed dues-paying professional development subgroups to provide an opportunity for members with common interests to engage in peer learning and exchange. Each Subgroup is facilitated by Marga staff and meets four times a year. AITF’s current Subgroups include:

  • Economic Development Subgroup The Economic Development Subgroup is composed of a diverse team of highly specialized and dedicated university representatives who have devoted their careers to working on issues of economic, social, and racial equity. The Subgroup provide a forum to exchange ideas, promising practices, and successes as well as discuss challenges that arise when trying to foster stronger University-Community relationships.For more information on the Subgroup, including how to join, please contact Jennifer Bryan at
  • Health Professionals Subgroup The purpose of the Health Professionals Subgroup is to provide a forum for professionals in various health fields to share ideas, best practices, and challenges about how anchors can effectively address health disparities and enhance the well-being of their communities. Current Subgroup members are committed to addressing health equity and Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) in order to improve health outcomes.For more information on the Subgroup, including how to join, please contact Sharmila Lawrence at
  • Higher Education Presidents Subgroup The Higher Education Presidents Subgroup serves as an ongoing forum for peer learning and exchange among members of the AITF who are college or university presidents. The Subgroup helps to strengthen how college and university presidents continue to build a case for deepening the local engagement of their institutions and infuse a commitment to community partnerships throughout their campuses. The Subgroup also includes an Education Subcommittee, which provides a forum for sharing about the ways in which local partnerships can expand social mobility for children and youth from underserved communities by strengthening educational and career opportunities. Members of the Higher Education Presidents Subgroup appoint representatives from their institutions to the Education Subcommittee. For more information on the Subgroup or Subcommittee, including how to join, please contact David Maurrasse at
  • Anchor Partnerships Subgroup  AITF’s new Subgroup, like its other existing ones, will become a forum for learning exchange and mutual support among peers. The added complexity of multiple anchor institutions jointly pursuing common ends, sometimes in tandem with government and philanthropy, requires substantial attention. It is crucial to create spaces that enable mutual learning that participants in anchor partnerships can bring back to their home communities and enhance their value. For more information, including how to join, please contact David Maurrasse at
  • Anchor Fellows Subgroup The Anchor Fellows Subgroup adds a dimension to existing training of future leaders of anchor institutions by preparing a next generation committed to AITF’s values to successfully navigate the engagement of anchors in their local communities. Each year a new cohort of Fellows is selected through an application process. The Fellowship period spans the calendar year.  Training during this period highlights the competencies required to build and maintain the commitment and infrastructure to sustain an anchor institution’s comprehensive commitment to local engagement. See our 2019 class, 2022 class and 2023 class of Anchor Fellows. To learn more about how to apply see: Fellows Call for Applications for 2024 Cohort.