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Annual AITF Conference, October 29-30, 2015

The Anchor Institutions Task Force (AITF), a growing network of around 600 leaders promoting the engagement of anchor institutions in community and economic development, is holding its Annual Conference on October 29 and 30 in New York City at the Marriott Eastside at 525 Lexington Avenue (at 49th Street).  As you may know, AITF conferences have continued to fuel the growth of the field of leaders promoting how anchor institutions can deepen their engagement in their localities and regions. The conference will begin with an evening reception on October 29.  The majority of the conference program taking place on October 30 will include an exciting array of speakers, from across the nation and world, representing higher education, health care, government, the arts, business, and other fields.  Speakers' presentations will address the various ways in which anchor institutions can make valuable contributions to community and economic development.  As with prior AITF conferences, speakers will explore the role of anchor institutions in the three substantive areas of focus: education, health, and economic development.  The opening conference plenary will include influential New York City-based leaders.  The luncheon plenary will explore the role of arts institutions in strengthening their communities.  Breakout groups toward the end of the day will provide opportunities for dialogue about the substantive issues discussed during the conference.  These discussions ultimately help shape the AITF's agenda.  A closing reception at the end of the conference will provide attendees the opportunity for additional networking.  Please join us for this pivotal event.  You can register here.  If you need hotel reservations at our conference location at the Marriott Eastside in New York City, you can reserve here.  And the frame of the conference agenda is on our site here.  The conference registration fee is $300.

2014 AITF Annual Conference Presentations

Presentations from the 2014 conference are now available. Please allow time for the file to download (23 MB).

Not Taking Democracy for Granted

See remarks from Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Rutgers University- Newark,  at Higher Educaation for Democratic Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities on June 26, 2014 in Belfast, Ireland.

The Civic Opportunity Initiative Network

Diversity & Democracy has published a new article titled "The Civic Opportunity Initiative Network" by David Maurrasse. Click here to read more about the COIN model and framework. 

New! AITF 2013 Literature Review

2013 Literature Review

The AITF has just finished their 2013 Anchor Institutions Literature Review, which assesses the growing body of research and writing on anchor institutions.

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Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group:

Foundations Pursue Racial Equity in Policies and Practices

Learn more about the members in the Race & Equity in Philanthropy Group (REPG), which brings together foundations committed to improving their ability to effectively promote racial equity in their operations and practices.

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Anchor Institutions Task Force

Reflections on The Netter Center Conference

The Netter Center's 20th Anniversary Conference was outstandingly impactful.  With over 500 participants, from 80 colleges and universities and 110 local, national and global organizations (including colleagues from across the United States and from Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, and Spain), the conference educated participants on the work being done by anchors around the globe.  All in attendance maintained a high level of energy and intellectual curiosity, and the theme of anchors was carried strongly throughout both days.  The speakers and discussions were superb and have further ignited the higher education-community partnership movement.  We thank all AITF members who participated and played key roles throughout the conference.  

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