Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group


The Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group (REPG) brings together foundations committed to improving their ability to effectively promote racial equity in their operations and practices.  It is an active resource for specific practices in philanthropy covering issues around measurement, results, networks, evaluations, and measurable impact in communities. For these foundations, involvement in the REPG demonstrates a desire to get better.  Current members include the Ford Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The California Endowment, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Winthropy Rockefeller Foundation, and the East Bay Community Foundation.

REPG provides an opportunity for member foundations to improve their own approaches to race and inclusion through peer learning. Each member foundation outlines a work plan that captures what it will take in order to develop or refine the systems that can enhance the capacity to operate in a diverse society and increase impact, especially in communities of color.  Each member foundation comes to the REPG from a different starting point.  Therefore, work plans are necessarily varied. 

Member foundations bring ideas and practices from peers into their respective efforts, raising the overall bar of how philanthropic institutions strategically consider systemic alterations designed to combat inequality.  Any foundation hoping to increase responsiveness to communities of color, planning to highlight racial and ethnic equity in practices, seeking to improve internal communication around race, or intending to diversify its own internal demographics and external partners could find value in the REPG.


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